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The SCB Process

The SCB Process is a proprietary method of injecting fissures down to 0.002 inches wide in concrete full depth with a high strength epoxy resin adhesive. When the injected adhesive cures, it seals the crack entirely and also restores the concrete to its original monolithic condition. Injecting repairable cracks in concrete will satisfactorily:

1.  Restore structural and/or design strength to the cracked concrete structure.

2.  Eliminate serious spalling of concrete initiated by cracking and aggrevated by freeze thaw cycling.

3.  Prevent corrosion of reinforcing steel and prestressing tendons by encapsulating them against moisture or water contact.

4.  Stop the leakage of water and fluids through concrete structures that can result in contamination or damage to the rest of the structure and expensive equipment and machinery.

5.  Repair concrete architecturally without any of the usightly surface marks caused by standard surface crack repairs.

In the past 40 years the SCB process has been employed worldwide by licened applicators to repair thousands of cracked concrete structures with conventional repair methods. Those structures in clude: bridges, viaducts, dams, reservoire, industrial and commercial buildings, nuclear power plants, sewer lines and interceptors, aircraft runways, railroad piers and trestles, concrete barges, offshore drilling rigs, highways, grain silos, missile silos and precast and post-tensioned members.

Additional savings were realized because the SCB Process allows repair of cracks in the shortest possible time, thus minimizing downtime. Frequently, repairs can be made without taking a structure out of service.

 Bridge deck concrete delamination caused by corrosion of the reinforcing steel is rebonded through injection of epoxy adhesive.        Delaminated Glu-Lam Beams are rebonded in place avoiding costly replacement. 



Precast concrete members are joined in place by simple injection of high strength structural adhesive. Wide joints or keys are prepacked with aggregate.


Machinery is grouted with non-shrinking high-strength adhesive after leveling. Large voids are prepacked with aggregate. Injection assures 100% load bearing on groutbed.


Rock pockets are filled with high-strength structural adhesive avoiding costly demolition and replacement.


Bolts and other anchors are grouted in place with structural adhesive avoiding air pockets.

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