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The Structural Concrete Bonding Process
It's still the most effective method of crack repair.

It's a remarkable system.                                    

The SCB Process can structurally repair fissures in concrete down to 0.002 inches wide and up to 40 feet deep. It can be used on dry, wet, or cold concrete even under water or against a head of water. And it bonds the entire crack network, so that stresses are once more evenly distributed throughout the structure.  

The system is un usually versatile. For instance, it can repair cracks without marring the architectural finish. We've helped restore hundreds of historic, earthquake dam aged structures around the world. And it's fast. Badly needed facilities such as aircraft runways, sewer lines, and concrete highways can usually be returned to service overnight. The SCB Process is more than a technique; it's a complete epoxy injection system. You get experienced technicians. You get products that meet rigid quality controls. And you get a proprietary process performed with epoxy injection equipment developed by Adhesive Engineeringing specifically for the job. The SCB Process is obtainable world wide. So no matter where you are there's a technically qualified representative or licensed applicator to answer your questions.

Next time you need the most effective method of crack repair. Call on the Experts.                                           

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The SCB Process